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What to do Immediately if Your Email is Hacked?

Do away with the fantasy of a perfect world without online privacy intrusions (hacks) and just see it as the bad luck that accompanies an era like this. In case you are wondering if I have been hacked before, I will save you the stress and tell you YES. Not once, not...

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How to Identify Phishing Attacks and Safeguard Your Business?

Phishing attack remains the most rampant challenge facing the cloud-based world. It ranges from an attempt to steal passwords, credit card information and other meaningful details via social media, messages, and phone call. With businesses being the most targeted...

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How to Build a Disaster Recovery Plan

Our world is wrought with a myriad of disasters many of them human-made, others natural. Every business and business owner have to prepare for every possible disaster if they hope to last longer than the average Sitcom. Advances in Information Technology have expanded...

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What is Cybersecurity all about?

Cybersecurity can be explained as processes and technologies created to prevent the computer systems, computer software, networks, and the user data from gaining access without any official authorization and also prevent it from any threat that is spread on the...

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Five Essential Microsoft Team Collaboration Tools

It’s essential to learn about various ways Microsoft Teams can boost a team’s collaboration with the right tools required to remain organized with projects and encourage an open communication. Microsoft has developed a dais beyond the Microsoft suite applications...

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Importance of Office 365 in Email Security

Office 365 is an essential tool that provides multiple encryption options for businesses that requires email security. Hence, this guide aims to expose you to the benefits of using Office 365 for email security. Before we examine these benefits, let’s quickly discuss...

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What You Need To Know About Mobile Device Management?

According to the Gartner research firm, Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be defined as the variety of products and services that aids IT companies in deploying and supporting corporate applications and software to mobile devices. These mobile devices include tablets...

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The Top 3 Reasons RMM Is Right For Your Business

You work hard to build your business, and the very last thing you need is for your IT systems to go down on you, especially right in the middle of a huge project.But, as Murphy’s Law would have it, that’s right when they seem to go down the most, because that’s when...

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