19 October 2023

Best Practices to Strengthen Ransomware Protection with BDRSuite

Ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant threat to organizations of all sizes. These malicious attacks can cripple operations and compromise sensitive data, leading to devastating consequences. To counter this growing menace, having a robust ransomware protection strategy is essential.

BDRSuite, with its cutting-edge features and capabilities, offers a comprehensive solution for fortifying your defenses against ransomware attacks.

About BDRSuite - #1 Cost-Effective Backup & Recovery Software

BDRSuite is the most cost-effective and comprehensive on-premises, remote, or hybrid backup solution, ensuring robust security for your valuable data.

With BDRSuite, you can protect your data across Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM), Physical Servers and Endpoints (Windows, Linux, File share/NAS and Mac), Public Cloud Workloads (AWS, Azure), SaaS Applications (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), and Applications & DBs (Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, MySQL).

BDRSuite platform also offers BDRCloud, a secure and scalable cloud backup and recovery solution to backup data to BDRCloud, enabling quick and easy recovery from anywhere in the event of a disaster.

In this blog, we'll delve into the best practices that you can implement using BDRSuite to enhance your ransomware protection strategy.

3-2-1 Backup Strategy

The 3-2-1 backup strategy is a cornerstone of effective data protection. BDRSuite aligns with this industry-recommended approach by creating three copies of your data on two different media, with one copy stored offsite. This ensures redundancy and availability even in the face of a ransomware attack. By maintaining multiple copies of your data, you significantly reduce the risk of data loss.

Let's discuss the BDRSuite features that enable businesses to effectively implement the 3-2-1 backup strategy.

  • Backup copy for redundancy

  • Offsite copy for disaster recovery

  • Backup to tape for archival

Backup Copy for Redundancy

Creating a secondary copy of your backup data, either in the same or a different location, enhances redundancy. In the unfortunate event of a ransomware attack that compromises the primary set of backup data, having this redundancy in place becomes crucial. The unaffected secondary copy acts as a safeguard, ensuring that critical data can still be recovered without paying a ransom or losing access to important information.

BDRSuite seamlessly supports creating secondary backup copies, making your data safer from ransomware threats. With BDRSuite, you can store the backup copy in the same or different location and storage mediums.

Offsite Copy for Disaster Recovery

Storing a copy of your backup data offsite is essential for disaster recovery. BDRSuite supports this practice, enabling you to store backup data in a remote location.

You can setup a BDRSuite Offsite DR Server in a remote/branch office and store an offsite copy on local disk, NAS, SAN, S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, S3 compatible storage such as Wasabi, MinIO, etc. Alternatively, the CloudDR option provides seamless offsite storage within BDRCloud, ensuring your data's accessibility even in the face of catastrophic events.

Backup to Tape for Archival

The option to store backup data on tape media adds an extra layer of archival and recovery capability. BDRSuite elevates your archival capabilities by supporting the storage of image-level backups on tape media. This additional layer of resilience enhances long-term data retention, while the ability to recover from tape ensures data accessibility even in extended timeframes.

Cloud Storage Support

Storing backups in the cloud enhances ransomware protection by isolating data from local networks, ensuring immutability, and enabling remote, point-in-time recovery, shielding against ransomware attacks. BDRSuite empowers your ransomware protection strategy by seamlessly integrating cloud object storage.

From primary backups to secondary and offsite copies, BDRSuite helps businesses meet the vital requirement of storing a copy in the cloud. With support for a diverse array of cloud storage options including AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, and S3-compatible storage like Wasabi, Minio, Backblaze, etc, BDRSuite ensures flexibility and security for your data storage needs. With BDRSuite, your data is not only protected but also easily accessible and compliant with industry standards.

Linux Backup Server Deployment

Linux's permission-based architecture and user privilege separation make it harder for ransomware to break in. Additionally, Linux's strong user checks and data encryption add extra layers of security, crucial for fighting ransomware. Understanding this, BDRSuite supports deploying a Backup Server and Offsite DR Server on Linux OS.

BDRSuite leverages the innate security advantages of Linux operating systems to enhance ransomware protection. By choosing to deploy the BDRSuite Backup Server on Linux, businesses not only gain a reliable backup solution but also capitalize on the robust security foundation that Linux provides, fortifying their defenses against ransomware threats.

Disk Rotation Repository & Periodic Full Backups

A crucial strategy in combating ransomware threats is the utilization of a disk rotation repository and periodic full backups, a cornerstone of ransomware protection within BDRSuite. This approach involves maintaining a series of full backups on separate disks regularly rotating them. This rotation ensures that the latest full backup is isolated and protected from any potential ransomware attack.

Businesses can create and store periodic full backups on different disks. These disks are then swapped out at scheduled intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, and are securely stored in an offline or remote location. This process guarantees that even if a ransomware attack occurs, the most recent full backup remains untouched and uncorrupted.

In the event of a ransomware incident, businesses can restore their systems and data from the last known clean backup, thus eliminating the need to yield to ransom demands. BDRSuite's disk rotation repository provides a reliable and proactive defense against ransomware, making data recovery swift and effective.

Automated Backup Verification

Ensuring the integrity and recoverability of your backup data is critical. BDRSuite allows you to automate the verification process through integrity check, boot check, and mount check. These automated verifications help you identify potential issues with your backups and ensure that your data can be successfully recovered when needed.

Integrity Check: By comparing checksums or hash values, BDRSuite ensures that your backup data matches the original files, guarding against potential corruption or tampering.

Boot Check: But data integrity alone isn't sufficient; recoverability is equally crucial. This is where boot checks come into play. BDRSuite boots up your virtual machines (VMs) or hosts from the backup data, simulating a recovery scenario. During this process, the entire machine is bootable, and its booting process is captured in a screenshot. This screenshot is then sent to your designated email for confirmation. This not only validates the viability of your backup data but also provides you with tangible evidence of the recovery process, building your confidence in the system's readiness.

Mount Check: This involves checking the mountability of the disk that contains your backup data. BDRSuite's mount checks address any potential issues that might arise during recovery due to disk incompatibilities or errors.

BDRSuite's Advanced Security Measures 

BDRSuite's highly anticipated upcoming major release, BDRSuite v7.0.0, is dedicated to introducing advanced ransomware protection capabilities. Through cutting-edge features like air-gapped backups, immutable backups, and hardened Linux repository, BDRSuite is committed to delivering comprehensive security measures against ransomware threats. These enhancements are a direct response to customer feedback and demands, ensuring that BDRSuite addresses the most critical protection needs. Learn more about these features in the detailed insights provided below.

Immutable Storage

Immutable storage, a fundamental principle of data protection, ensures that data remains unaltered and unmodifiable. With BDRSuite, you can enforce this security measure, creating a barrier against unauthorized alterations or deletions of your backup data.

BDRSuite will introduce support for immutable cloud storage for platforms such as S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, etc. This means that even in the face of ransomware attacks, your backups stored on immutable cloud storage remain reliable and trustworthy, enabling swift recovery.

Air-Gapped Backups

Ransomware attacks can compromise not only the current data but also infiltrate and encrypt backup copies if they are constantly connected or accessible. One of the most potent strategies in the fight against ransomware is isolation. Air-gapped backups take this concept to the next level by segregating backup data on offline systems, disconnected from your network.

BDRSuite will seamlessly support the implementation of air-gapped backup setups. By keeping your backup data completely isolated, you introduce an additional layer of protection against cyber threats. Even if your network falls victim to a ransomware attack, your air-gapped backups remain untouched and ready for recovery.

Hardened Linux Repository

The backbone of any backup infrastructure is its repository. BDRSuite's upcoming feature - Hardened Linux repository is more than just storage; it's a fortress against malware and unauthorized access. With features like immutability and single-use credentials, this repository stands as a formidable defense mechanism.

The immutability ensures that once data is stored, it remains unmodifiable, while the single-use credentials prevent unauthorized users from gaining access. This robust security layer transforms your backup repository into a stronghold, impervious to the attempts of ransomware and other cyber threats.

Anomaly Detection for Ransomware Activity 

BDRSuite goes beyond basic backup features by incorporating advanced ransomware detection capabilities in the upcoming major release BDRSuite v7.0.0. BDRSuite analyzes stored data for unusual patterns that could indicate ransomware activity. This proactive approach allows you to detect and mitigate threats before they escalate. Learn more about the features in the detailed insights provided below.

Pre and Post Backup Scripts/Commands

BDRSuite introduces an additional layer of protection by allowing you to execute pre and postscripts/commands on the source machine and BDRSuite Backup Server.

BDRSuite uses these scripts to conduct antivirus scans before initiating backups. By scanning your data for threats before it's stored, you ensure that only clean and safe information enters your backup repository. This proactive approach mitigates the risk of storing potentially compromised data and strengthens your ransomware defense.

This feature also ensures that your backup storage repository remains safe even in the event of a ransomware attack. By automatically mounting and unmounting the storage repository during active backups, BDRSuite safeguards your backup infrastructure and preserves the integrity of your data.

Scan and Restore Backup Data

In the aftermath of a ransomware attack, restoring compromised data can be a delicate process. BDRSuite offers a solution through staged recovery - a method that involves restoring VMs/hosts in a controlled step-by-step manner within an isolated environment. This setup enables thorough validation before final reintegration into the production environment. By ensuring that the data is free from threats, you minimize the risk of inadvertently restoring compromised information.

Before restoring backed-up data to your production network, BDRSuite empowers you with the ability to scan the data for threats. This feature enables you to make informed decisions about the recovery process based on scan results. You can customize the recovery approach, such as opting not to proceed with the restore or restoring the machine without network connectivity. By scanning and verifying the integrity of backup data before reintegration, you ensure the security of your production environment.

BDRSuite v7.0.0 - Your Ultimate Ransomware Defense

We're excited to share that the upcoming major release, BDRSuite v7.0.0, is on its way with a host of powerful features. All the advanced ransomware protection functionalities outlined in this blog will be available with v7.0.0.

This release is a game-changer in ransomware protection, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools to keep your data safe from ransomware attacks. Imagine having the combined strength of immutable cloud storage support, air-gapped backups, hardened repository, pre/post backup scripts, and more - all in one package.

Get ready for a significant upgrade that will make protecting your data easier and more effective than ever before and stay tuned for more updates on this major release.

With BDRSuite by your side, you can bolster your defenses and minimize the impact of ransomware threats with confidence. Watch the Quick Video

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