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CSAT is a tool that assesses security vulnerabilities and collects data from the business’s IT on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The data is collected via a “dissolvable agent” leaving no trace of a CSAT related footprint on the endpoints. It helps you create a fact-based action plan to improve it aligned to the industry-recognized CIS Framework. The platform is created to protect your systems, data and will keep your company secure from dangerous hackers. You are under no obligation to stay. Call us for more details!

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Cyber attacks are a serious threat to businesses of all sizes in the current digital era. At Computer Services Tech, we recognize how critical it is to safeguard your business from these suspicions. Because of this, we provide comprehensive security tools that give a strong defense against a variety of online dark web. The most recent tools and methods are used by specialists to scan their networks and stop malicious activity before it can damage your systems.

24/7 Firewall Monitoring

We at Computer Services Tech proactively handle daily reporting. Because we are aware that cyber exposure can strike at any moment, we provide round-the-clock eye-to-eye watch via the Security Operations Center (SOC). With real-time alerts and in-depth threat analysis, our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for potential risks, enabling us to quickly react to any security incident that may occur.

Defending Against Cyber Threats

Protection of a Client's IT Infrastructure from Advanced and Emerging Cyber Threats by Offering Comprehensive Cyber Security Options.


To deliver a complete cyber security solution to a customer in order to shield their IT infrastructure from threats and maintain business operations.


6 months

Password Management Made Simple

The Implementation of a Secure and Effective Password Management Solution to Simplify Corporate Password Management


To Provide a big enterprise with a reliable and effective password management system that will help them effectively manage and secure their passwords.


4 Months

Proactive Cyber Security Management

Enabling real-time threat detection and response to guarantee business continuity and reduce potential harm with SOC.


To offer a client a proactive cyber security management solution that identifies and addresses online threats in real-time to reduce possible harm.


12 months

Dark Web Scanning for Enhanced Security

Scan the Dark Web for Possible Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities, and Protect IT Systems from Cyber Attacks


Offering a client a dark web scanning solution to find possible security flaws and threats while defending their IT system from attacks.


8 months

Cloud Network Security for Better Protection

Using Advanced Security Solutions to Secure Cloud Network Infrastructure and Guarantee the Integrity and Safety of Data


Supplying a customer with a cloud network security solution that offers improved defense against online dangers and maintains the integrity and safety of their data.


8 Months

Web Application and API Security

Providing Secure Access to Web Apps and Interfaces and Defending Them Against Cyber Threats and Unauthorized Access


The delivery of a web application and API security solution to a customer that enables secure access to their web applications and APIs while shielding them from cyber threats and unauthorized access.


5 Months

DNS Security for Maximum Protection

Using Advanced DNS Security Solutions to Prevent Cyberattacks on IT Infrastructure and Maintain Company Continuity


To provide a DNS security solution to safeguard their DNS infrastructure from cyber threats, ensuring company continuity and lowering the risk of cyberattacks.


6 Months

Antivirus and Malware Protection

Advanced Antivirus and Malware Protection Solutions to Prevent and Remove Viruses and Malware to Guarantee Data Safety and Integrity.


Provide an antivirus and malware protection solution that shields their IT systems from viruses and other malware and removes it, protecting the security and integrity of their data.


3 Months

What our clients says..

Jack Haulbrook

The remote monitoring and management services offered by Computer Services Tech have been exceptional. Their quick response times and ability to resolve issues have been major assets for our organization. We are glad we chose them as our IT partner.

Laura Woolley

The services provided by Computer Services Tech have been instrumental in streamlining our IT operations. Their expert support and proactive approach have been a game-changer for us. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable IT support

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