Empowering Students, Faculties, and Parents with AI-Powered Problem Solving

Project Summary:

To create a SaaS web application with AI features assisting students, faculties & parents alike in solving mathematical word problems in the absence of experts.



1. Generating enough math word problems & relevant solutions while verifying them manually.

2. Multiple Language support as this was for the Asian market.

3. Handling varying types of word problems for varying grades.


Technical Challenges:

1. Customizing Deep Learning Algorithm to revert all types of mathematical word problems including geometry, algebra & differential equations.

2. Creation of a dataset with decent quality & with all segments & grades.


The Solution That We Proposed:

A SaaS WebApp with a customized AI algorithm capable of handling multiple languages is to be made. Input for the AI model will be a text word problem or image of the problem & output will be based on the subscription plan. Free plan's output will be an equation that can be solved to get the desired output, other paid plans assist in solving the problem by guiding the user to every step of the equation.


Measurable Benefits Post Implementation:

1. The firm had 12k users in 6 months & is growing steadily.

2. The need for experts was reduced a bit with this solution.