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Computer Services Tech is a technology company that builds infrastructure for your SMBs. Businesses of every size - from new startups to large companies. We love to help you all ❤️

The Key to Your IT Success: The Four Pillars of Our Principles

A Comprehensive Approach to Fast Response Times with Affordable Network Infrastructure Support

Building Lasting Relationships

Trust-building with our customers is a top priority for Computer Services Tech. We recognize that performing your technology to us is a significant decision, which is why we work to create and uphold a culture of openness and honesty in all of our interactions.

Validate the Safety of Your Data

Computer Services Tech takes security very seriously because it is a key concern for businesses nowadays. We take precautions to protect your data at all times, including conducting routine security audits and utilizing the most advanced encryption methods.

Unwavering Reliability for Your Requirements

The team offers trustworthiness and pays attention to keeping your operation running properly. We put out a lot of effort to prevent downtime since we realize how crucial uptime is to your daily working hours.

Energetic Every Hour, Every Time

Our staff takes pleasure in resolving the internet outage that fixes any technical problems you might run across right away. We are committed to accomplishing that your employees are functioning at peak performance.

We are Proud of our Success Stories

Hear what our happy clients have to say and discover how we've made a difference.

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HQ Office

3500 N State Road 7
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319


NOC Office

Burnside Road E
Victoria, BC V9A 1A3

Professional Careers

We are always looking for Remote or On-site positions: Software Developer, Cloud Engineer, Cybersecurity Specialist, System Analyst, and Network Administrator. Please send your resume and you will get a response within 24 hours.


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