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Find out how, regardless of the architecture design you choose, the EDR environment can help you accomplish more with less critical assets. When you work with CST you can delegate support calls, focus on servicing your company's needs, and assist your existing tools. Our network team will identify and solve most customer problems before they are ever noticed and preventative maintenance will keep every system performing at its best.

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Why Choose Our Cloud Development?

Scalability and Flexibility

Our cloud protection gives your organization the defense and adaptability it needs to expand and meet changing customer demands. You can simply modify your computer resources, storage, and apps ensuring that you always have the ability to suit your company's needs. SaaS Security gives you the power to lock down your clients’ cloud data and keep them safe.

Improved Cost Savings

By removing the need for costly on-premises equipment and maintenance, cloud providers can assist you in lowering your IT expenses. Because you only pay for what you use, it's simpler to manage your IT budget and allocate funds to other important parts of your company. Also, so that you may increase productivity and revenue, we can work with you in avoiding expensive downtime.

Cloud Migration Made Easy

For a major industrial organization, moving a conventional on-premises system to AWS will improve operational effectiveness and streamline business operations.


To ensure minimal downtime and disturbance to a client's operations while migrating their on-premises IT system to the cloud for increased agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.


6 Months

GCP Drives Business Growth

Delivering a scalable and affordable solution, while also enhancing the user experience and website performance for a quickly growing e-commerce business.


To offer a client a scalable and affordable solution to support their rapid business growth using Google Cloud Platform, by optimizing their website's performance, security, and availability, and enhancing their customer experience through personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and easy checkout.


5 Months

Cloud Collaboration Revolutionized

Using Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration, communication, and productivity in a global business with distant teams.


To offer a client a cloud-based solution that improves collaboration and file-sharing amongst various teams, departments, and locations in order to increase communication, productivity, and teamwork.


3 Months

Azure Powers Digital Transformation

Utilising Azure to support a client's digital transformation by allowing sophisticated analytics and AI capabilities and moving their legacy systems to the cloud.


To assist a client in modernizing their IT infrastructure and achieving their digital transformation objectives using Azure, by moving their legacy systems and apps to the cloud, and by utilising sophisticated analytics and AI capabilities to deliver business value.


8 Months

Salesforce Customization for Maximum Efficiency

Personalizing Salesforce to a fast-expanding technological company's specific requirements and streamlining its sales and marketing procedures.


By introducing personalized workflows, dashboards, and reporting that boost sales, customer engagement, and revenue development, Salesforce will be adapted to match the unique demands of a rapidly expanding client and improve their business processes.


4 Months

What our clients says..

Sean Tierney

The cybersecurity audit assessment was thorough and eye-opening. Their recommendations have helped us to strengthen our security posture and ensure the safety of our critical data. We are grateful for their expertise and guidance.

Jack Haulbrook

The remote monitoring and management services offered by Computer Services Tech have been exceptional. Their quick response times and ability to resolve issues have been major assets for our organization. We are glad we chose them as our IT partner.

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