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Improved Cybersecurity for Financial Institution

This project aims to improve the financial institution's cybersecurity posture. After closely collaborating with the client to pinpoint the areas that required improvement, our security team created a special plan to protect sensitive financial data and adhere to industry standards. The aim was to enhance the existing measures, implement advanced threat detection and response systems, and carry out regular network audits and assessments.


To collect the relevant information, scanned all endpoints, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Azure. Built a roadmap based on quickly discovered facts from their IT environment.

Project Duration

9 Months

Cloud Migration for a Manufacturing Company

Our team was entrusted with assisting a successful manufacturing company in moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud. We thoroughly evaluated the organization's current network infrastructure with the goal of boosting productivity, cutting expenses, and decreasing downtime. We then came up with a migration strategy that would guarantee a smooth transfer of their vital applications, systems, and data files.


To assess the current data, created migration lists, executed the migration, and completed the EDR process.

Project Duration

1 Year

IT Support for a Healthcare Organization

The goal of this project was to offer top-notch network support to a reputable healthcare institution. The project was created with a focus on patient care to ensure the efficient and seamless operation of their vital computer systems. The goal was to offer 24/7, quickly fix any problems with the system, and carry out routine inspections and maintenance. This project's team of skilled specialists has been providing dependable service for two years and counting.

Attended round-the-clock assistance, deployed workstations, and upgraded the servers.

Project Duration

2 Years

Fresh Techniques for an Intelligent Enterprise

Leverage our modern offerings, which are to optimize your company's performance. Our knowledgeable advisors guarantee total analysis for all of your reports. Additionally, the development group can turn your thoughts into action for a special touch.

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Cloud Powerhouse

Our hosted cloud solutions can elevate your business to the next level. The cloud professionals will work with you to manage your storage, migrate your data, and choose the best cloud platform. With our managed SaaS services, you can boost security, efficiency, and cost savings.

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Technology Acceleration

Utilize our programming demands to help your company understand its extreme coding. Our team of professionals will work with you to realize your vision, whether you require developing a new software application, integrating current systems, or custom work.

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Physical Sensors

Use our Infrastructure Management to create the presentation and effectiveness of your staff. To match your business needs, our team of specialists will assist you in developing, implementing, and maintaining solid IoT services.

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Innovation at its Best

Our cutting-edge solutions will increase your business to its fullest potential by stimulating inspiration and brainstorming concepts to life. Enhance various tools and professional advice to keep on top of the competition.

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Total Security Solutions

With our all-inclusive security and compliance needs, you can ensure the protection of your priceless data. In order to secure your hybrid infrastructure, meet legal standards, and protect your sensitive information, our team of engineers will collaborate with you to assess your topics and put a plan into accomplishment.

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Laura Woolley

The services provided by Computer Services Tech have been instrumental in streamlining our IT operations. Their expert support and proactive approach have been a game-changer for us. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable IT support

Jack Haulbrook

The remote monitoring and management services offered by Computer Services Tech have been exceptional. Their quick response times and ability to resolve issues have been major assets for our organization. We are glad we chose them as our IT partner.