Architecture and Design Solution

Cloud’s Architecture and Design Service helps us determine how an application or workload must be defined on Azure or AWS. This process is sometimes referred to as the “cloudification” of the workload due to the new approaches driven by cloud advances.

 Discovery and Assessment Service

Computer Services Tech Cloud’s Discovery and Assessment Service helps you better
understand, classify, and size opportunities of existing workloads, creating
a roadmap that results in faster adoption of Azure or AWS with higher

Through a series of infrastructure and application assessments, partners will
obtain the visibility necessary to build a pipeline faster, based on data and facts.


Seamless Migration

Computer Services Tech offers Migration Services to help partners move different
segments of their customer’s infrastructure to the cloud, including applications,
servers, databases, storage, and many other components.

The Migration Service features an automated set of tools and platforms to
deliver the migration with excellence, minimal human errors, and ease.

Business Needs Analysis and Technology Alignment

Computer Services Tech believes in problem prevention instead of problem-solving. We offer guidance and consulting ideas in your region and according to your requirements.


Technology Introduction

According to careful analysis, over 65% of organizations attribute their achievement to the use of technology. We determine the best possible technology solutions for you, which will align with your organization’s goals and strategic orientation.

  • We will determine any deficiencies of your present system by choosing the best IT solutions you require for your existing business operations.


  • We will evaluate what new capabilities your firm can gain from emerging technologies, such as cloud computing.

Technology Strategy

The design of the IT Roadmap is the most important aspect of the entire consulting process. We know precisely what your company needs and incorporate them into your overarching strategic narrative at CST.

  • We deliver an operational roadmap for the adoption of new technologies and the evolution of existing systems and new application systems for your business.

  • We enhance infrastructure and budgetary projections, including the most cost-effective approach for each initiative.

Hire Our Experts For Your Next Project

Are you having to wait for hours or even days?

Whether you have a short-term or long-term project, we are available to have a quick chat on Teams or Zoom meeting with one of our engineers to discuss the scope of your project on any technologies.  We then provide our recommendation including the number of days to complete the project.  Meet us virtually or on-site at your business office in South Florida.  No Job Is Too Small.



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