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No matter how big or small your company is, all we want is improved and enhanced productivity at the end of the day. With Microsoft 365 deployments and migrations solutions, we provide you with a platform that helps you increase your workforce productivity. Alongside other services, the work from home solutions requires every official device to connect with the company’s system. Computer Services Tech offers a bundle of managed IT services that offers a secure and reliable cloud service. We aim to provide services that are for betterment and that too at the most affordable rates. Microsoft 365, previously known as Microsoft Office 365, is a complete package that allows your workforce to work at their convenience with a secure cloud service. Microsoft 365 solutions is an easy way to make your employees work efficiently. They can easily access the Microsoft Office suite of apps and devices with an internet connection from any place, and you can get your company’s work done this way. Computer Services Tech has a team of experts who make this task easy for you. They possess sound knowledge and skills to perform this task; Microsoft 365 migration is not as simple as it sounds; it is technical and complicated, and therefore professional assistance is required.




Data migration to cloud service is not everyone’s piece of cake, and that’s why every IT service-providing company has professionals and experts for this task. We provide the best Microsoft 365 solutions so that your employees can work smartly with flexible timings, and you get your work done faster than before. When employees feel relaxed and happy, they tend to work hard, which eventually leads to better productivity and outcomes. Microsoft 365 migration is not a single step; rather, it is a series of different processes that requires expertise and technical skills. We offer Microsoft 365 consulting & migrations services with our assistance by involving experts from different areas like project managers, technical support, and technical consultants. Microsoft 365 can benefit your organization in many ways; through this, you can have an organized and streamlined email schedule without worrying about missing out on something. You can enjoy an automatic office application with standards according to your business needs. Migration makes it easier for you to handle things, and it has a great effect on business performance.

Microsoft 365 Deployments and Migrations

Computer Services Tech, an expert Managed IT Service Provider offers comprehensive Microsoft 365 deployments and migrations for your small to mid-sized business.


MS Exchange Online

  • With MS Exchange Online, you get easy access to calendars and emails from anywhere, anytime; it is centralized with the corporate email server.
  • With an online cloud, you can save your hard-earned money by using in-house hardware, as all your devices are connected to a single database.
  • Maintenance becomes easy, and above all, everyone complies with the company’s rules, security, and privacy procedure.
  • MS Exchange Online is one of the best ways to protect your data; you know all your data and information are secured and safe with this online cloud.

Organized Teams and Channels

    • We want you to get the best, and therefore, we analyze which teams and channels must be added to the platform to increase its effectiveness.
    • Our team of experts understands your business goals and accordingly finds a way to implement Microsoft Teams for your company.
    • We set up their respective roles based on the teams and channels identified and grant them access and work permissions accordingly.
    • We organize your teams and channels; we start with a smaller setup, and as they adapt to the changes with Microsoft Teams, we increase the teams and channels.

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