Improving the Enterprise Password Management System: Law Firm

Executive Summary


A law firm discovered its security was breached several times by threat actors who stole vital information and caused significant financial damage. The law firm's IT department attributed the security breach to the weak passwords created by the employees but did not have the expertise to remedy the problem. After suffering substantial financial losses, the company looked to implement a robust password management system, so they don't experience the same mishap again.


The law firm contacted us at Computer Services Tech for help, and we provided them with our state-of-the-art Enterprise Password Management system. Since making the switch, the firm hasn't encountered any security lapses.


This case study will explore how they implemented our password management solution to improve security and streamline password management.




After suffering significant financial losses, they sought an affordable and cost-effective password management system. They were not in a position to risk a similar fiasco again, so they wanted a system that had already proven its worth. Unfortunately, most of the password management systems that the firm tried before contacting us were too underwhelming or costly.


Case Evaluation


After evaluating them, we discovered four challenges:

1. Weak Passwords: The employees were mostly inexperienced and did not take password security seriously. They were either creating too simple passwords or using personal details that could be easily extracted from their social media accounts.

2. Lacking Authentication Process: The authentication process for passwords was not multi-layered, making it simple for hackers to crack the password.

3. Cost and Quality Balance: They were looking for an affordable solution as it was low on finances due to the recent security mishap. But at the same time, it wanted all the essential features to prevent compliance issues that might lead to financial penalties in the future. It was tough for the company to find the right balance between cost and quality.

4. Immediate Deployment: They wanted a bespoke Enterprise Password Management that could be put to use right away. They did not want to take any chances with security and wanted to implement a new solution ASAP.


Proposed Solution


We proposed a bespoke solution that included different features to secure the enterprise password with centralized credentials and login points:


1. Our solution aimed to improve password security and develop a workflow in which each employee complied with password creation standards. The solution secured passwords on all work-related devices and ensured that employee sharing was done only via encrypted passwords.

2. Our solution came with multi-facet authentication, which reduced the probability of cyber theft and security breaches. On top of that, we frequently performed audits and compliance checks on the cloud (where the credentials are stored) to maintain control over the cloud and secure digital assets.

3. We offered an affordable and bespoke solution aligned with what the firm wanted to safeguard their business.

4. We offered a turnkey solution that could be easily deployed within a short time window.


On top of addressing the exigent challenges of the law firm, our solution came with a managed dashboard that helped the company manage workflow and reach employees through a cutting-edge unified platform.




After implementing our cutting-edge Enterprise Management System, the law firm has experienced a massive change in how their employees create passwords. They are more confident in their security posture and haven't experienced any password-related security problems in the recent past.