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Computer Services Tech offers comprehensive and complete Dark Web Scanning Services in Fort Lauderdale and Miami for all types of small and big companies. Contact us today for affordable service and a completely free security scan for the company’s web.


Dark Web Scanning Solution

Every business has some threats, and in this challenging and competitive market, it is important to identify and avoid them. With a dark web scanning solution, you can save your company from online theft. Several companies fall victim to online theft and lose their customer data; Computer Services Tech understands the importance of data and other information. Therefore, we offer a complete security package. You don’t have to worry about usernames and passwords or your workforce and online information. Many organizations are unaware of the Dark Web; it is a huge and wide layer underneath the internet horizon. You might know that your credentials were stolen and distributed on the dark web by hackers.

To help you save from this nightmare, we offer expert dark web scanning solutions so you know that all your online information is safe and secure. We offer complete scans leaving no chances of online theft and ensure that no illegal activities have taken place. Join hands with our team to protect your business from anonymous online hackers.



Dark Web Scanning Solution Services

A dark web scanning solution services was designed to catch this fraud act. The dark web is an anonymous trap, making it nearly impossible to find when and where the credentials were stolen. In several cases, companies get to know about their loss by law enforcement, and it is too late to do anything other than cry over the spilled milk. With the increase in competition, every business strives to stay ahead in the competition, and being too focused on that part overshadows the importance of dark web scanning. Being a professional, IT-managed company, Computer Services Tech offers a wide range of IT solutions. One of them is dark web scanning, so you know that your business credentials are safe and you are protected from every cyberattack. The staff is trained and gets awareness about cybersecurity and the details of potential breaches.

We offer services that identify risks and take necessary measures to avoid that beforehand. We are always there to help you protect your important information from becoming the prey of dark web predators.

Professional Vulnerability Scanner

Computer Services Tech offers comprehensive and professional dark web scanning solution services to protect all of your online data and confidential information.

Dark Web Scanning

  • We ensure that all the usernames, passwords, email addresses, and other credentials are safe on the peer-to-peer network.
  • We look for potential malicious parties on the black market websites to avoid cyberattacks and any other online theft.
  • With our dark web scanning services, we look in the private chat room for any misuse or information that is already there with AI and human intelligence.
  • We know everything is on social media, and therefore we don’t forget this platform to run a scan. Alongside, we perform scans on private site botnets and IRCs.

Logging and Reporting

  • We have our means to identify and look for potential threats. By logging and reporting extensively, we try to trace the cyber threats and develop strategies to counteract those.
  • We control the factors that lead to data breaches and leaks; we identify the threats ahead of time with our real-time monitoring.
  • We combine our scan with patch management, multi-factor authentication, and a cybersecurity approach to make it more powerful.
  • We do not link any company’s IT infrastructure to ensure that there are no risks involved when scanning for dark web threats.

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