Professional Hybrid-Cloud

Hybrid multi-cloud networking solutions from Citrix deliver connectivity, performance, security, and management for all applications, on-premises and on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Cloud is changing the fundamentals of how IT teams deliver applications and manage their performance. Applications are increasingly deployed farther from users, crossing networks outside of IT’s direct control. Instead of enterprise data centers, many apps now reside in public and hybrid cloud environments. There are even new breeds of applications, built upon microservices and containers.

Today, IT needs modern solutions that:

1)  Extend on-premises networks, apps, and infrastructure resources to the cloud.
2)  Maintain high levels of performance, user experience, and security across all applications, including microservices-based apps.
3)  Sustain operational consistency across on-premises and cloud environments.
4)  Move away from the expense, complexity, and poor performance of traditional networking methods.

These solutions are available for apps running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through the alliance of Citrix Secure Private Access.


Modern Networking For All Applications

Migrate to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Microsoft Azure. Today’s IT executives are tasked with finding ways to use technology to increase employee productivity and
enable flexible work environments while keeping business data secure. However, with budgets being constrained while organizations look for expense cuts, they must also keep their organization’s tech spending in check. To accomplish this, many IT leaders are choosing to take more of their key workloads to the cloud.

Citrix and Microsoft are helping customers find value by simplifying and accelerating
your journey to the cloud. Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop enable you to deliver
secure experiences to any device while simplifying and optimizing IT operations. But
did you know that when you transition your deployment to Citrix Cloud and Windows
Virtual Desktop hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can unlock even more advantages and
cost savings—all while reducing your reliance on physical infrastructure?

Citrix Networking Solutions

To serve IT’s changing needs, Citrix offers three modern networking solutions for Google Cloud: Citrix Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM), and Citrix SD-WAN. Together, these solutions optimize application delivery in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.


Security and Compliance

Our Data Center Infrastructure makes file access and storage simple and safe. We provide business security protection to restrict unauthorized access to sensitive information. Our data security and backup solutions ensure business stability while ensuring increased system efficiency. You can rely on computer service tech for regular updates and patches to keep you safe from new malware and viruses. Our solutions guarantee:

  • Quick response times
  • 24/7 backups and faster recovery
  • Compliance with industry and government standards

Hosted Cloud Solutions

With our hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, you may improve your marketing, sales, and customer service solutions. We provide hosted SharePoint, which allows your team to collaborate in real-time by storing and editing data on a simple platform. We also provide hosted Microsoft Exchange Server, which provides business-grade email and collaboration solutions to improve your communications. Our Microsoft Azure solutions provide a virtualized server environment with global hybrid capabilities. With our solutions, your business can:

  • Boost productivity
  • Streamline workflows and business processes
  •  Leverage automation and self-service capabilities

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