Business Communication Services in Fort Lauderdale

We provide you with the best business communication services in Fort Lauderdale. At Computer Services Tech we assist you in business and corporate communication systems. We have experts in the areas of VOIP phones, email systems, and online conferencing.

Business Communication Services

If you are looking for reliable as well as secure email communication for your growing business, which can take advantage of the internet-based calling features and simultaneously distribute data in teams. Small and mid-sized enterprises nowadays heavily rely on IT to advance the majority of their critical services and procedures while reducing unnecessary costs. Business communications is a critical area where technology aids firms in achieving maximum effectiveness while reducing expenses. We serve you with the best business communication services.  Our expertise extends to other online communication in business, and other IT business communication.


Business Communications Solutions

At Computer Services Tech, we have a broad range of business communications solutions to offer you according to your needs. We also deal in IT business communication and communication systems in business to cater to all your needs with convenience. From setup to monitoring, our engineers and technicians take care of everything, freeing up your team from typical maintenance responsibilities. These services by Computer Services Tech are economical and lower your communications bills and maintenance costs. We have designed a user-friendly interface that is convenient and Eco-friendly at all times.

Professional Business Communication Services

By providing the best Professional Business Communication Solutions, Computer Services Tech plays a critical part in the success of developing your business. To discuss need-specific plans, feel free to book an appointment at a convenient time that suits your schedule for just 15 minutes.


Hosted Email

A trustworthy and powerful email system is pivotal to your company’s success.  Building up and administering your own email server needs a high level of technical knowledge.  The Computer Services Tech can take care of the technical aspects of managing your email system by hosting Microsoft Exchange, which provides your employees to access their email from nearly any device consistently and securely. Key features of the service are:

  • Advanced data-loss security
  • Access to your calendar and mailbox from anywhere
  • Compliance with industry privacy and security procedures
  • Saving expenditure since you do not in-house email servers

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

A telephone system that uses an internet connection to place calls is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).   Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to combine hardware and software to create a powerful, dependable business communications solution that can handle calls more efficiently than traditional landline systems. Features of the VOIP solution include:

  • Better call quality than traditional PSTN
  • Audio and video conferencing capabilities
  • Lower call fees for both national and international calls
  • Mobile Development with quick installation and configuration

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Whether you have a short-term or long-term project, we are available to have a quick chat on Teams or Zoom meeting with one of our engineers to discuss the scope of your project on any technologies.  We then provide our recommendation including the number of days to complete the project.  Meet us virtually or on-site at your business office in South Florida.  No Job Is Too Small.



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